Sync ALL Your Calendars.
Your way.

OnlyCal automatically connects your calendars and syncs your schedule. So you can focus on what's important, not manually updating your availability.

Protect Your Time!

Eliminate redundant scheduling...

Missed a life-changing meeting because it was on the wrong calendar? 

Forgot one of your children's events?

Often forced to reschedule last-minute due to double booking? 

Wasting the first few hours of your morning manually updating your schedule?

Accidentally shared a private event on your work calendar? 

You could continue to manually manage your calendars. You could hire a full-time assistant. You could just resign yourself to the redundant admin work. 

...and Get Back to What's Important

Or you could spend 5 minutes setting up OnlyCal, and auto-sync your calendars, everywhere. 

How it works

Connect your accounts

Login to your Google and Microsoft accounts and link them on OnlyCal.

Choose how you want to sync your calendars

Select how you want to connect each one of calendars.
One or two-way syncing is supported.


That's it! Enjoy your calendars automatically in sync.

Why OnlyCal?

5-minute setup

No complicated setup. Get up and running in minutes.

No install required

Log in and sync your calendars without the need for an app.

Choose how to connect your calendars

Single or two-way syncing. You choose how to sync each one of your calendars.

Real time syncing

All your calendars are synced automatically. No manual input required.


None of your calendar credentials or events are ever stored. Your data always remains yours.

Privacy first

Sensitive calendar information never crosses organizational boundaries.

Find the right plan for you



Per Month

2 always synced calendars


Per Month

Premium includes
everything in Basic, plus:

4 Always Synced Calendars


Per Month

Professional includes
everything in Premium, plus:

8 Always Synced Calendars
Buy Additional Synced Calendars

Frequently Asked Questions

Why OnlyCal?

Because it’s the easiest way to synchronize all your calendars in any way you like.

Our focus is to provide simplicity and flexibility, regardless of which calendar provider you already use. Also, there’s no disruption of your current workflows because OnlyCal transparently connects your calendars. No need to download anything or add yet another app to your already busy day. It just works.

How does it work?

Just add your accounts to the OnlyCal web app (ie. no downloads) and specify how do you want to sync them. One-way, Two-ways, many to one, etc. For example, you could set your personal calendar events to show up on your work calendar and be set as private automatically, so you don’t get a meeting when you have a personal errand. Or you could sync your work calendars into one of them. You decide!

What calendars are supported?

At the moment, you can create connections between any calendar from Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and More coming soon!

Is my data used or stored by OnlyCal?

No. OnlyCal does not store any of your connected accounts credentials. We don’t even have access to your passwords, emails or any account data at all. When you connect an account, only the minimum access permissions are requested to your provider: basic profile information and read and write to calendars permissions. Nothing else is requested, since we believe privacy should come first and our business model is not based on selling our customers data. Ever.

Is there any kind of installation required?

No. Once you choose how to sync your calendars on our website, you are done!

How often are my calendars synced?

Calendars use a real-time connection. In practical terms, this means changes on a calendar are reflected on the others within a few minutes.

Take back your time, and you calendar.

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